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Michael Labadie-Mendes
Independent Interpreter

Interpreting for over thirty years. Dedicated to quality service. Determined to raise the bar in our profession. How? By working with other interpreters that aspire to a deeper understanding of the interpreting process and a desire to be the best they can be.

Coaching for interpreters follows the Process Mediation model developed and used by Betty M. Colonomos. Focus is determined by the learner. Interpreters of any experience level benefit by looking at the complex process involved in making meaning from one language to produce it in another and talking about it. What we uncover when we have these discussions is often of great value in moving past plateaus or places we feel ‘stuck.’

Interpreter and Interpreter Coach
CI – Certificate of Interpretation, CT – Certificate of Transliteration, NIC Master – National Master
  • Michael Labadie-Mendes

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  1. michael729 June 10, 2015 at 10:25 AM – Reply

    I welcome input from any/all of the clients I have served over the years and currently. I support the idea of input from Deaf people about interpreters. As people leave comments, I hope that they’ll consider describing what was good or bad about our services as part of evaluating us overall. Some examples offered for your consideration below.

    Ex: The interpreter was good. Why? He made the conversation between my team flow as if there were no language barriers. We all worked together and had a productive meeting.

    Ex: The interpreter was awful. Why? She kept interrupting me when I signed, confused about what I was saying. I don’t think she understands ASL.

    Ex: The interpreter was amazing!! Why? She signed like a native ASL user.

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