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Andrea K Smith
Private Practice Interpreter – available in the DC/MD/VA area

ASL/English Interpreter
CI – Certificate of Interpretation, CT – Certificate of Transliteration, SC:L – Specialist Certificate : Legal
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After years of interpreting together, I am happy to take this opportunity to leave a word about my experience. We have teamed together many times, and she is always fully present and engaged while in the support role. She is dedicated to preparation and study for each assignment, in addition to ongoing skills development. Her language use is very flexible ranging from sign supported speech – PSE – ASL as needed. She has years of experience and training in legal settings, the broad science/technology understanding to navigate those challenging environments, and she puts flavor into performance interpreting without overshadowing the main stage. For me, she has long been a wise word for best practices in business and the private practice model of interpreting; and she is ever ready to bounce around thorny ethical issues.

A note for sensitive types – she is also quite willing to rub someone the wrong way in defense of what she knows to be right.

I always look forward to teaming with her, am happy to share work with her, and would generally be thrilled to recommend her.

opeia | June 29, 2015

I have had the opportunity to hire Ms. Smith, and she is the consummate professional. She possesses excellent English-to-Sign and Sign-to-English skills. Ms. Smith is well-known in the interpreting community as an advocate for qualified, freelance interpreters, and she has guided many interpreters as they embarked on a career as a freelance interpreter. When she hires interpreters, she ensures they possess the credentials and qualifications for the assignment, provides prep materials so the interpreter can be full prepared, and is a phone call/e-mail away to provide logistical support. Ms. Smith make a positive impact in the interpreting community.

InterpreterInDC | June 22, 2015

Andrea and I graduated ITP together under the instruction of the amazing duo of Lou Fant and Debbie Peterson. She was the first to receive her SC:L in our class and is a talented and skilled interpreter. Her specialty in political and high tech jargon is a perfect niche for her and her continual pursuit of knowledge as well as her strong sense of ethics sets a great example for other interpreters. Although we are now on opposite coasts of the U.S. I would team with her anytime the opportunity presented itself.

spiderterp | June 15, 2015

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