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Deaf-run and owned non-profit organization

Deaf-run and owned non-profit organization where 100% of the revenue from interpreting services goes back to the deaf community in forms of program and services
CDI – Certified Deaf Interpreter, CI – Certificate of Interpretation, CLIP – Conditional Legal Interpreter Certificate, CLIP-R – Conditional Legal Interpreter Certificate – Relay, CSC – Comprehensive Skills Certificate, CT – Certificate of Transliteration, Ed:K-12 – (EIPA) Educational Certificate K-12, IC/TC – Interpretation Certificate / Transliteration Certificate, NAD III – Generalist, NAD IV – Advanced, NAD V – Master, NIC – National, NIC Advanced – National Advanced, NIC Master – National Master, OIC:C – Oral Interpreter Certificate: Comprehensive, OIC:S/V – Oral Interpreter Certificate: Spoken to Visible, OIC:V/S – Oral Interpreter Certificate: Visible to Spoken, OTC – Oral Transliteration Certificate, Prov: SC:L – Provisional Specialist Certificate : Legal, RSC – Reverse Skills Certificate, SC:L – Specialist Certificate : Legal, SC:PA – Specialist Certificate : Performing Arts, Other

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