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ASL Interpreter Grades uses the same approach as other professional rating web sites.

A directory listing can start in two ways.

  1. A user adds a listing. A registered user enters the name, state, and description, and signing certificates or licenses. The listing request is reviewed by web manager and will be live on the directory. The web manager may ask for additional information to show identity. In a state that has a professional license, we verify against the state’s published license listings.
  2. Information is automatically gathered from a variety of public online sources. These include public records, state services sites, public directories, and web searches (Google, Bing and other search utilities). We do not keep track of how any specific listing was created. Examples of sources may be found in our Deaf and HH Agency directory listings. States that have professional licensing for deaf interpreters provide our most up-to-date public record sources. However, online sources are often incomplete. A User, may click on the “Claim this listing” link. The user’s identity and association with an existing listing is verified by the web manager. A scanned business card is very useful for identification. The card will not be published. If the claim is approved, the user can edit their online directory listing.

ASLGrades tries to follow the best practices pioneered by rating sites like citehealth.com, consumerconnection.com, lawerratingz.com mechanicratingz.com, rateadentist.com ratemds.com. etc.

You may get additional information on consumer ratings at Rating and Reviews Professionals Association

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